VW will improve production with Amazon cloud to network factories
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FRANKFURT -- Volkswagen Group has teamed up with Amazon Web Services to improve production systems and processes in the automaker's 122 global plants.

Amazon will help Volkswagen connect its 122 factories and its supply chain of more than 30,000 locations and 1,500 suppliers using a data platform known as the "Volkswagen Industrial Cloud," the automaker said in a joint press release with Amazon.

The cloud platform will integrate data from plants, machines and systems. It could be made available to other automakers and specific negotiations with major industrial companies interested in migrating to the Volkswagen Industrial Cloud are already underway, VW and Amazon said.

The cloud will help VW to detect supply bottlenecks and process disruptions early as well as to optimize the operation of machinery and equipment.

VW Group's 122 plants employ 650,000 workers and produce brands such as Audi, Lamborghini, Skoda, Seat, Porsche and the core VW marque.

Amazon's machine learning analytics and production know-how will be extended to the requirements of the auto industry, VW and Amazon Web services said.